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KR Engineering’s LNG fueled tugboat received AIP certification granted by KR
  • DATE  2019-09-09
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On September 6th, Korean Register of Shipping (KR, Chairman and CEO Jeong-Kie Lee) has granted AIP (Approval in Principle) certification for the eco-friendly LNG fueled tugboat that KR Engineering (President and CEO Kyeong-Sik Jang) is participating in the development.

* AIP certification: Verification for the suitability of the ship basic design

This particular certified tugboat is being developed through the ‘development of eco-friendly 5000HP LNG fueled tugboat’ project, led by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, as part of the marine industry growth technology development project in 2019. KR Engineering has been selected as the lead organization of the project, and is jointly developing industry-academic cooperation with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Samkwang Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Unlike conventional LNG tugboats, this tugboat has characteristics of low cost, high efficiency and eco-friendliness as detailed as followings: 1. More than 90% reduction of nitrogen/sulfur compound emissions compared to petroleum fuel 2. Hull structure development optimized for LNG fueled ship 3. Custom layout development design of LNG storage tank suitable for hull structure 4. Optimal layout design of fuel gas supply system 5. Reduction of construction cost through improvement of construction method.

Kyeong-Sik Jang, President and CEO of KR Engineering, said “I am glad that KR Engineering was recognized for our unique design ability for LNG fueled tugboat. We will lead the LNG fueled tugboat market in Korea and continue to expand into overseas markets.”

Tae-bum Ha, Executive Vice President and R&D Division Chief of KR, said “LNG ships are emerging as an alternative to international regulations on air pollutants emitted from ships. I hope this AIP certification will help to replace the old tugboat with LNG fueled tugboats.”

KR Engineering Co., Ltd., established in 1997, is a comprehensive engineering company for ships & ports. It has been recognized for its highest technical skills by domestic and foreign customers in the fields of ship design, consulting, inspection and supervision of ship and port facilities. In 2011, KR Engineering designed ‘Econori’, the first LNG fueled ship in Asia, and evaluated as a company with strengths in eco-friendly ship design.


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