Ship & Offshore Structure

We provide suitable Ship ∙ Offshore Structure consulting services for the client’s needs based on our various design and supervision records.

Feasibility Study, Bid Documentation, System Optimization

Structural Analysis (Global and Local Analysis) and Performance Analysis

Inspection Criteria Establishment

Shipyard Consulting

    - Business Feasibility Study

    - Layout of Shipyard Design and Diagnosis

Consulting Service for Retrofit Engineering

    - BWMS (Ballast Water Management System)

    - SOx Scrubber

Consulting Service for LNG Fueled Ship

    - Support for Classification Approval and Government Approval

IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Material) Survey

Major Projects

No. Project Year Client
No.1 ProjectDevelopment of Floating Structures Inspection Standards in Han River Year2016 ClientSeoul Metropolitan Government
No.2 ProjectDevelopment of Safety Management Technical Standards for Harbor Construction Worker Ships Year2016 ClientMinistry of Oceans and Fisheries
No.3 ProjectDevelopment of Floating Structures Design Standard Year2010 ClientKorean Register