Ship & Offshore Structure

Starting with the design of semi-submersible heavy cargo carrier for the first time in Korea, KRE has its own technical skills for various types of ships, including LNG fueled ships, high-speed ferries, government vessels, tugs, and over 90 floating structures.

Basic Design/Performance Analysis/Detailed Design of Ship (Merchant ship, Special Purpose Work Vessel, LNG Fueled Ship & etc.)

    - Basic and Detailed Design

    - Classification & Buyer Approval

    - Purchase Order Specification

    - Anchor and Mooring Design

Retrofit Engineering (BWMS (Ballast Water Management System), SOx Scrubber)

    - Basic and Detailed Design

    - Classification Approval

    - 3D Scanning

Floating Structure Design (Floating Dock, Water Leisure Facilities, Water Work Vessels, and Various Contact Facilities) 

Design of Various Offshore Structures

Major Projects

No. Project Year Client
No.1 ProjectBasic and Detailed Design for a 600Ton Class Car-Ferry Year2018 ClientCheongsanNongHyup
No.2 ProjectDesign for a 16 Mooring Vessel and Yard Crane Year2017 ClientThe National Codification Bureau of the R.O.K
No.3 ProjectDesign for a 3,900PS Tug Boat Year2016 ClientYongho Shipping
No.4 ProjectDesign for a 80Ton Class Oil Skimmer Vessel Year2016 ClientJeju Oceans & Fisheries Management Division
No.5 ProjectDesign for a 10,000 DWT Class Cement Carrier Year2016 ClientTechMarine S/W
No.6 ProjectBasic and Detailed Design for a 700Ton Class Car-Ferry Year2015 ClientCheongsanNongHyup
No.7 ProjectDetailed Design for a 40Ton Class Multi Purpose Fishery Supervision Vessel Year2014 ClientUljin Gun in Gyeongsangbuk-do
No.8 ProjectBasic Design and Technical Consultancy for HD-10000 HLV(Heavy Lift Vessel) Year2013 ClientHyundai Samho Heavy Industries
No.9 ProjectBasic and Detailed Design for Two 210 Persons Car/Passenger Carrier Year2013 ClientDongil Shipyard
No.10 ProjectDesign for a 240Ton Class LNG Fuel Passenger Vessel Year2011 ClientIncheon Port Authority
No.11 ProjectDetailed Design for a Buoy Maintenance Vessel Year2010 ClientYeosu Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries
No.12 ProjectBasic and Detailed Design for a 14.5K Semi-Submersible Heavy Cargo Carrier Year2008 ClientSTX Offshore & Shipbuilding