Offshore & Industrial Plant

We provide various technical services and design of various marine structures, pump station facilities, power plant facilities, and industrial plants including Ieodo Ocean Research Station, the first Ocean Research Station in Korea.

Onshore & Offshore Plant Design
Basic & Detailed Design 
Structural Analysis
Various Technical Service

Major Projects

No. Project Year Client
No.1 ProjectBasic & Detailed Design for Tanzania Slipway Facility Year2019 ClientSTX Engine
No.2 ProjectBasic Design for Subjugating Obstacle Equipment in Antarctic Year2018 ClientKorea Railroad Research Institute
No.3 ProjectBasic & Detailed Design for Enhancement of Limestone Facility Year2018 ClientDongsuk Logistics
No.4 ProjectBidding Design for Procurement of Crane and Dock Facility Year2018 ClientHyundai E&C
No.5 ProjectBasic & Detailed Design for Hoist Crane in Steel Factory Year2018 ClientPyungtaek Port
No.6 ProjectFEM Analysis for Major Component of 2MW Inland Wind Turbine Year2015 ClientDNS
No.7 ProjectBasic and Detailed Design for Boat Lifting Appliance in Kageo Island Port Year2012 ClientWest Sea Fisheries Management Service
No.8 ProjectBasic Design for Coal Handling Equipment and Storage Facility in Nakpo Coal Terminal Year2011 ClientYeocheon TPL
No.9 ProjectNavigation Dock Gate of Basic and Detailed Designs for Magok-Waterfront Year2010 ClientSeoyoung Engineering
No.10 ProjectBasic and Detailed Design for the Dokdo Ocean Research Station Year2010 ClientKIOST