Inspection ∙ Supervision & Diagnosis
Ship & Offshore Structure

Based on our professional knowledge and accumulated experience, we provide the highest service for sea trial, manufacture and installation inspection to be carried out accurately and promptly based on relevant laws and regulations.

Shipyard’s Drawing Review
Purchase Order Specification Review
Standard Practice Review
Shipbuilding Process and Process Review/ Management
Inspection and Testing of Major Equipment and Materials
Inspection for Hull, Outfitting, Machinery and Electric
Commissioning and Sea Trial Test
As-built Drawing and Certificates Review
Retrofit Engineering Process Review/Management
Buying Agency Service

Major Projects

No. Project Year Client
No.1 ProjectSupervision for a 700Ton Class Car-Ferry Year2018 ClientCheongsanNongHyup
No.2 ProjectSupervision for a 110Ton Class Administration Boat Year2017 ClientOngjin County
No.3 ProjectSupervision for a 180Ton Class Fish Guidance Boat Year2017 ClientChungcheongnam-do
No.4 ProjectSupervision for a 1500Ton Class Patrol Vessel Year2017 ClientKorea Coast Guard
No.5 ProjectSupervision for a 3000Ton Class Patrol Vessel Year2017 ClientKorea Coast Guard
No.6 ProjectSupervision for a 50Ton Class Five Patrol Vessel Year2017 ClientKorea Coast Guard
No.7 ProjectSupervision for a 500/3000Ton Class Medium and Large-sized Guards Armored Reinforcement Work Year2016 ClientKorea Coast Guard
No.8 ProjectSupervision for a Tug Boat for Large-sized Guards Year2016 ClientThe National Codification Bureau of the R.O.K
No.9 ProjectSupervision for 200P Hover Craft at Griffon Hoverwork Ltd. in England Year2015 ClientKorea Coast Guard
No.10 ProjectSupervision for a 1000, 500 and 300Ton Class Four Korea Coast Guard Vessels Year2014 ClientKorea Coast Guard
No.11 ProjectSupervision for a G/T 40Ton Class Customs Guardship Year2011 ClientKorea Customs Service
No.12 ProjectSupervision for a 600Ton Class Han River Tour Ship Year2010 ClientSeoul Metropolitan Government
No.13 ProjectSupervision for a 425Ton Class Passenger Ship of the Turtle Ship Type Year2010 ClientYeosu Urban Corporation
No.14 ProjectSupervision for a 194Ton Class Han River Customs Guardship Year2009 ClientSeoul Metropolitan Government
No.15 ProjectSupervision for a G/T 160 Ton Class Dokdo Administration Boat Year2009 ClientUlleung County Office in Gyeongsangbuk-do