Inspection ∙ Supervision & Diagnosis
Port & Shipyard Facility Equipment

In 1997, KRE was designated as the first ‘specialized inspection agency for port cargo handing equipment’ in Korea. KRE has many leading engineers with specialized in technology, abundant experience and know-how. In addition, we provide the highest standard of engineering service for inspection, supervision and safety diagnosis of container cranes, goliath/jib cranes, bulk loading and unloading facilities and lock gate facilities.

Supervision & Inspection

Periodic, Occasional, Installation Inspection
Power Analysis, Thermal Imaging Measurement, Transformer Sound Level
Precision Safety Diagnosis, Fatigue Analysis, Remaining Life Calculation
Licensing Affair Assistance and Agency

Major Projects

No. Project Year Client
No.1 ProjectFabrication Inspection for Tower Cranes Year2018 ClientDSME
No.2 ProjectFabrication & Installation Inspection for Passenger Boarding Bridge in Incheon Internation Cruise Terminal. Year2017 ClientIncheon Port Authority
No.3 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Continuous Ship Unloader 2 Units Year2017 ClientKOEN
No.4 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Old Tower Crane 20 Units Year2016 ClientDSME
No.5 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Rail Mounted Quay Crane Year2016 ClientR.O.K Transportation Command
No.6 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Goliath Crane and Other Cranes in Subic Shipyard Year2015 ClientHanjin Subic Shipyard
No.7 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Crawler Crane 12 Units Year2015 ClientHyundai Heavy Industries
No.8 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Jib and Tower Cranes (25Unit) in Yeongdo Shipyard Year2014 ClientHanjin Heavy Industries
No.9 ProjectConsultancy Services about Structural Inspection of Two QC at HGCT Year2014 ClientHutchison Port Holdings
No.10 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Jib Crane, Tower Crane, OHC Year2013 ClientDSME
No.11 ProjectPrecision Safety Diagnosis for Jib Crane & Dock Gate Year2013 ClientHyundai Heavy Industries
No.12 ProjectFabrication and Installation Inspection for RMQC 2 Units in Kwangyang Port Year2012 ClientYGPA
No.13 ProjectFabrication and Installation Inspection for CSU 5 Units in Hyundai Steel Mill Year2009 ClientHyundai Steel