About us
Design the Future
Based on the highest technical skills, experienced technical professionals and the company’s know-how,
KRE is a specialized ship & port engineering company which provide the ‘Total Engineering Service’ such as consulting, design, safety diagnosis, CAE/CFD,
inspection, supervision for ship, floating structure, retrofit engineering, marine/industrial plant, port facilities & cargo handling equipment,
electric power facilities, stage facilities, steel structure/bridge, dock gate, renewable energy.

Differentiated technology of KRE

  • Established the Guide of Safety Assessment for Harbor Cranes, Bridges, Steel Structures, Theater Facilities for the first time in Korea and successfully carried out supervision and safety diagnosis work
  • The only dock gate design company in Korea (Incheon Port, Gyeongin Canal, Shipyard)
  • The only Ocean Research Station design, supervision and maintenance company in Korea
  • Pioneering Design and Supervision for special vessels in Korea
    • Design for Semi-submersible Heavy Cargo Carrier
    • Design for LNG Fueled Electric Propulsion Passenger Vessel(Incheon Port Authority of ecoNURI)
    • Design & Supervision for High Speed Passenger Vessel according to HSC Code
  • Development of design standard for large-scale floating structure and design for various structures
  • Consulting Service for EDCF Project to Foreign Country
    • Senegal MIEP Ⅰ, Ⅱ Projects
    • Procurement of Five (5) Fast Patrol Boats for Indonesia INP